DivorceCare FAQs
Do I have to be divorced to attend DivorceCare?  If my husband/wife and I are separated, can I attend?
The DivorceCare program is available and beneficial to both divorced and separated people.
Do I have to talk during a typical meeting?
Sharing your story and feelings is totally optional.  We hope that you will feel comfortable enough to share, as that benefits both you and the others in the class.
What happens during a typical meeting?
We usually start with a short discussion of the challenges from the previous week, then watch the video and finish by talking about what we learned from the video.
Is DivorceCare counseling?
No – DivorceCare is not counseling.  The facilitators are there to encourage conversation by introducing topics, encouraging participants, and managing the dynamics of the group.  If you are currently seeing a counselor, we encourage you to continue.  You’ll be amazed at the healing that takes place by sharing experiences with people in situations similar to yours.
What about confidentially?
We review the fact that confidentially is very important with everyone.  The only time that confidentiality may knowingly be set aside is if we feel that someone may be in danger.
Are there other guidelines?
Besides confidentiality, the other important rule is respect.  You are asked to be respectful of others in the group – by both sharing with the group and allowing others time to share – and to limit “spouse bashing”.
Do I have to write in the workbook?
You don’t have to write in the workbook, but we encourage you to do the lessons and to take notes during the video.  Each lesson is outlined in the workbook with plenty of room for notes and thoughts.  Your notes will be very hlepful when you refer back to the lessons.  And like talking during a meeting, taking notes will help you on the path to healing.
I have kids and need to get home at a certain time – is that ok?
Yes – you are free to leave whenever you need to.  We hope you can stay for most of the meeting, though.
What do I do if I can’t come to one of the sessions?
If you know ahead of time that you can’t be there, please let us know – via phone or email.  We will work with you to try to find an alternate time for you to view that week’s video.
What if my ex (or soon to be ex) signs up for the same session?
Both partners from the marriage may not attend the same session.  If you are concerned that your spouse may register, please let us know.  The one that signs up first gets to attend.  The second one may attend the next time or we’ll be glad to help find another group in the area.
I enjoyed the classes a lot, but i think it would help if I went through DC again.  Is that permitted?
Absolutely!  We encourage people to come back for additional sessions – as healing progresses, you are able to glean different information from the videos.  Once you have attended a session, you will be put on the list of alumni and will be contacted when the new session starts.