• Electronic sign update: parts have been shipped and should arrive by August 17th.  We will try to get them installed as quickly as possible.
  • Thank you to John Schofield for sharing his gift of music with us this past Sunday – it was wonderful to have some live music!
  • The current session of DivorceCare will be ending on August 13th.  The next session is tentatively planned to begin at the end of September.
  • Two AA groups that have been meeting at our church will be taking a sabbatical due to low attendance.  The Monday night women’s group and the Friday morning group will not be meeting until further notice.  There are still two groups that will continue to meet: Wednesday night at 6:30 and Saturday night at 8:00.
  • https://www.revivecivility.org/national-call-reflection-prayer-and-reconciliation  This link will take you to an article about what we can do about the deep divisions in our country.  Definitely worth considering!