The Lay Spiritual Visitor Program was started 10 years ago at LincolnHealth. They are part of the Spiritual Care and volunteering at the hospital, Cove’s Edge Edge, Chase Point and St. Andrews Village.  Lay Spiritual Visitor’s are people from a number of community of faiths. They are volunteers at LincolnHealth. To become a LSV, you go through a three week training program.Training is once a year but also if you are interested to become involved, a one on one training can take place.  Which consist of two mornings a week and ends with a graduation. We do visitations and come along patients, residents, family and staff to provide spiritual support. We develop relationships and love those as Christ loves us! We read to them, play games, hold their hands, bake, walks in the gardens, listen and be a presence. The beautiful part is the LSV volunteers the time they are able to give and all staff deeply appreciate this gift given. If you would like to inquire to come into this ministry, you may contact Connie Bright, Director of Volunteer Services. 563-4508. Tracy Verney< Lay Spiritual Visitor Education Coordinator. 592-8586.