Dear Friends and Church,
Through the years this verse has accompanied us, to teach now our two children that no matter their past, God has
chosen them to be part of our family, and this is forever.
Joaquín and Leonardo continue adapting as brothers, with all the concerns, differences and conflicts of brothers. On the
one hand JJ (Joaquín) with his calm, docile, noble, and easy-going personality clashes now with a brother with an
explosive character, who does not accept something if he does not question it first, as, if he does not like something he
simply will not do it or at least he must hear convincing reasons to do it (a strong-willed child), but they are a help for each other. Marianela has begun homeschooling the children. Thank God for her passion in being a wife, mother, housewife, and now as a teacher. Thank God also that she can find help and strength in the word of God and the loving presence of the Spirit Holy.
Last week I returned from a trip to the mountains. It is always exhausting work but these are also happy times, as God uses these trips to share with people, skills that God has given me and the joy of sharing the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. On this last trip I was in a town where I taught some people welding work, developing some projects, and supporting other teachers. When we got home from our trip, we learned of the death from COVID 19 of a good friend we had known for 30 years. He was the senior pastor of the local church who invited us to be part of his work team while we were in the jungle. Sometimes at his request I preached messages for the church, prepared studies for a group of married and young couples, and he sent youth groups with me to gain missionary work experience in the mountains. Now the leadership has asked us to support a time of consolation for the family and church and also that we help during their transition to choose a new pastor. It’s something I enjoy doing while at home. We continue to believe that: “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord” Revelation 14:13.  Although there is sadness there is also joy, knowing our friend is enjoying the presence of our Father; he has only gone ahead and we will meet to worship together in His presence.
• Leonardo and Joaquín adapting and making adjustments and the changes in our nuclear family.
• The people whom we can influence with needed and useful resources to face this life and also eternity, as many of them have resentment and rejection towards God because of their physical condition.
• The opportunity to be used by God for the consolation of families and the local church.
• God’s provision for our family and for you being a part of it. Because of your kindness I can continue doing the trips by car and not on the motorcycle, which is more exhausting. Thank you.
• Safety during trips to the mountains, as some places where we go there are signs of drug trafficking and terrorism.
• Our country, Peru. The political, social, economic and health situation is uncertain. The government has begun to make decisions that are raising the prices of fuel, cooking gas and oil, and basic products of the family sustenance.
• For our participation and help to the local church. May God also use us to strengthen His people while we are here in the jungle.
Thanks be to the God and the Finisher of our faith,
Juan Pablo, Marianela,
J. Joaquín & P. Leonardo García.
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