• RETURNABLES – If you would like the money from your returnables to go to a good cause, Stepping Stone Housing, Inc is set up at Hannaford to automatically be credited.  There are plastic bags at the back of the sanctuary that you can put your returnables in.  Then all you need to do is deposit the bag of bottles into the receptacle at the entrance to Hannaford.
  • SPRING “CLEANING” – As summer approaches, there are lots of opportunities to spruce up God’s house!  Here are some:
      • Pavilion for the picnic table.  Install with anchored legs.  Looking at a 12×14 Pavilion for ~$1800
      • Check the rooms for ceiling tiles – take out the soiled tiles and replace them.  We have the tiles available – Marvin 
      • Repair railing to the balcony on the north side of the Narthex
      • Doors:
        • Door near the picnic table is peeling
        • Fire escape door needs to be replaced
        • Storm door near the nursery/picnic table doesn’t work well – remove?
      • Dan Hupp – offered to fix the hand railings
      • Small window at the base of the fire escape where the trash cans are – cement it in or order a smaller window, raise the lip
      • Windows for the parsonage need to be ordered and installed – Marilee to follow up
      • Clean the tin ceiling in fellowship hall
      • Pressure wash the North side – need a commercial steam cleaner / washer (ServePro?)
      • Rake and clean the North side between the sidewalk and the building
      • Latticework – needs to be put back up
      • If you are aware of other things that need to be done, please contact one of the Trustees (Ali, Don, Val, Julie, or Marilee)
      • If you see something that needs to be done and are able to take care of it, please feel free to serve God in this way
  • ONLINE DONATIONS – Since the COVID-19 outbreak and the ‘shelter in place’ directive, we wanted to make it easier for those who may find it easier to tithe online.  We have set up a PayPal account to facilitate your donations during this trying time.  Thank you to everyone who is willing and able to support our church.  We pray that all of you are staying safe and healthy during this of isolation.  This, too, shall pass.  Click here to go to our ONLINE DONATION page.
Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble. 
But take heart!  I have overcome the world.” 
John 16:33