Strengthening the Body of Christ through discipleship, biblical counseling/training and providing life and vocational skills for Peruvians with disabilities.

From the beginning, The IGUANA PROJECT,  has really been about PEOPLE.  During these tough times of Covid it has provided work for the families of the shop to be able buy food.  Now as the most recent prototype is about to be tested, our YAPEY friends with disabilities are filled with with anticipation as to how they can use this machine to secure work for themselves and their families!
It began more simple, but has progressed to a very functional machine.  This newest (4th) version has a full differential (to simplify steering), a 250% low range, it is 300cc and water-cooled. 

  • It can be a ‘walk-behind’ tiller
  • or you can add a 3rd wheel and ride it
  • Or it can pull a trailer with a 660 lb load.  Each trailer can be designed specifically for the product it is designed to haul.

Right now it has been disassembled, welding finished, frame painted and it is going back together for testing (and videoing).  It will even have lights, fenders, a license plate and permission to circulate on major roads!

A few pictures of the details and process….

The couple that prays together and plays (disc golf 😉 together, stays together!

As many of you know, due to visa requirements in Peru and the various aspects of our work, Toby and I have been living in separate countries for half of each of the last 4 years. We definitely have more compassion for others that are living separately from loved ones. Even after 38 years together we know we have to work at
our relationship, not being complacent and sticking to logistical or other easy topics. It’s important to stay connected to God and to each other. We have to guard our hearts and other relationships as well. This was particularly challenging when Tabitha, Ajoy, Jojo and I got Covid in early January and then Toby got it later in the month in Peru! We are all doing well, just a lingering cough and some fatigue. Thanks so much for partnering with, encouraging, and praying for us!
It is an honor to serve the peoples of Peru and the world with you!
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