We are excited at how the Lord has continued to lead in the Motorcycle Ministry in Peru.  Although the big Rally-Raid 3-day, outdoor event, had to be postponed due to another covid outbreak where the race was to finish, the event Ministry Team continues to meet and pray together, looking for ways to connect racers and their families with God’s amazing Grace. We want to encourage and bring the hope of the Gospel to many as God opens their hearts.

It is amazing to us that within the Ministry Team God has placed (4) pastors who are also motorcycle racers!  David Chavez is a Peruvian rider who has represented Peru twice now in the world famous 14-day DAKAR race in the desert (presently in Saudi Arabia), and Julio Chiang is a 10-time Peruvian national Motocross champion and twice champion of South America. God is working through them in church planting, discipleship, soccer youth ministry and more.

Guys often find it hard to open up when struggling with strong emotions and unanswered questions. David was recently able to help a young racer process the loss of his father to Covid and encourage him to continue strong in his faith.

A few short months ago, we didn’t know if Zenaida would survive. After the death of her father, and in great physical, she was sure she didn’t want to. We thank God for enabling us to bring Zenaida to Huánuco for extensive wound care and to be with other people. God led her to doctors, who though exhausted from caring for Covid patients, provided her diagnosis and surgical care without charge. Through the generosity of some motorcycling friends, we were able to get her medications, vitamins, and a support mattress. Zenaida’s niece opened her heart and home where Zenaida lies recuperating prone in the living room, knitting industriously. She is very grateful for your prayers and all the ways God has cared for and comforted her.
It is an honor to serve the peoples of Peru and the world with you!
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Strengthening the Body of Christ through discipleship, biblical counseling/training and providing life and vocational skills for Peruvians with disabilities.