Dear Friends,
Many of you reading this are or know cross-cultural missionaries or relief workers. As we’ve shared in the past, Sara has been doing and teaching biblical counseling – see exciting testimony below! For some time now God has been growing in us a vision to expand this part of our work, to better serve the missionary community including relief workers and pastoral families in developing nations.  Sara concluded her time with Heart Song Counseling in September and is now dedicated to counseling missionaries and relief workers full-time, at no cost. Please feel free share this information. It’s better to reach out before things get “really serious”. For counseling information, write to:
Sra. Lud Merino, at 77, is one of Sara’s biblical counseling students in Peru. In the wake of losing her husband of 57 years, professor and pastor Maximo Lopez Calderon, to Covid in July and then nursing her son through dengue fever and typhoid, she has been attending 3-hour classes online to be able to help others in crisis.  Maximo and Lud served the Christian and Missionary Alliance church – he as an itinerant pastor, and seminary professor while teaching language and literature in public high school. Lud remembers Max returning nearly frozen from a preaching trip where he baptized 16 new believers in a river at 13,200 ft!
In 2000 Maximo was experiencing disconcerting symptoms and after a battery of tests and specialists, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This was devastating to the family. Lud says it was as if he had died. Throughout the year his condition worsened. Many prayed: none more fervently then Lud and their 6 children. During the 2nd year, Max’s condition began to reverse! There was no treatment, only prayer. Over the next 2 years he slowly regained his mind and memory, eventually resuming all of his responsibilities.
For Prayer    
Yapey – Our colleagues at Yapey/Renacer have carefully visited and taken food to very vulnerable people with disabilities in rural Huanuco during the pandemic. Please pray especially for those we aren’t able to locate.
Business in Mission – motorcycle shop needs income producing work as it may be awhile before tourists return.
We are thankful to be sharing life close up with Tabitha, Ajoy and Jojo with a smooth transition in moving to California and continuing work from here. New prayer and financial partners joining with us as we are both engaged full-time in mission outreach.   
We appreciate you!
Toby and Sara
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